Throwing away and reworking products because they do not pass quality inspection at the end of the line, currently results in high costs for process owners due to wasted value-added time or resources. Therefore, research needs to be done on how to detect possible failures early in the process chain and how to implement it in your production process.  Integrating a solution in an earlier process step will prevent the products to be rejected will enable cost reduction, optimise the resource usage and minimalise the waste.

Next to that early detection enables the flexible adjustment of subsequent processes to also reduce rework. This is currently very difficult to integrate because process control is often not connected to each product’s specific properties and quality.

The questions in industry that result from this are ways to obtain near-zero defects production, ways to increase the quality of the process and steps to compensate for the uncertainty, taking into account the noise in the process variables.

Therefore, we are looking for companies that are interested into collaborating and participating in this project to integrate a predictive quality control system in line. With the use of either artificial intelligence or simulation

Companies that are looking at ways to improve the quality during and at the end of production process aligning to manufacturing 4.0 should contact Fraunhofer Project Center to find out how we can work together in realizing this.