Fraunhofer Project Center is developing an Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) in the advanced manufacturing program project. AMC shop floor will comprise of different machines and demonstrators. These facilities will be visible and available to companies from Netherlands and abroad. At AMC, the companies can see the advantage of digitalization and test their innovative and digitalization concepts.

There is a need to develop a structured/organized connection between real and virtual assets, with the link to data systems such as PLM, ERP, CAD, etc (the bottom layer of the Advanced Manufacturing Framework) where the machines in the shop floor (and remote machines) can be connected. It is important to realize how the data can be helpful in decision making to improve business, improve production capacity, reduce costs, make effective production planning, etc.

Since machines are mostly different and IT architecture of each case can vary, it is very important to make an initial study towards a general framework for connecting machines at location and remotely.




Build up the AMC testbed; connecting machines and visualizing information for effective usage of data.

Sub goals:

  • Show what-if scenarios
  • Personalized virtual dashboards

Expected Outcome:

  • Digital infrastructure for AMC
  • Functional demonstrator of a testbed
  • Demonstration of what-if scenarios in scope