COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of global supply chains. Due the widespread closures of factories as well as travel and logistics restrictions many products that we have previously taken for granted have become extremely difficult or expensive to source. This has been especially true in the healthcare and medical sectors. 

Current supply of product is very inconsistent with surges and fluctuations in product causing great frustration and desperation. Should future waves of infectious viral spread, and lockdowns occur, there needs to be new systems developed to respond to and manage supply chain issues for vital equipment.

Fraunhofer IPT are position to support manufacturers who are looking for conceptual design and the short term establishment of production system for bottleneck products. Through a quick scan of the organization production system and an understanding of the requirements, Fraunhofer IPT is able to provide a detailed analysis of what is required for a manufacturer to meet critical demand of ‘bottleneck products’ as well as identify potential alternative vital products to manufacture when required.

Manufacturers who are looking to expand their current existing production line to support bottleneck products can explore the potential to benefit from a BOOST Smart Industry voucher. For more information, you can visit BOOST Smart Industry Voucher

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Beyond general business model and strategy advice, Fraunhofer IPT provides assistance in some critical aspects of equipment manufacturing that can often be difficult, expensive and timely hurdles to navigate for new players even in normal market conditions. The advice and offerings provided are not only tailored to the short-term development of a production systems for bottlenecked equipment  in the current uncertain market environment but the exploration of alternative use of existing technologies in the manufacturing line.