Jornt van Dijk

Jornt van Dijk, Program Manager

During my study to become an industrial design engineer, I realized that today’s society is becoming more dynamic and interconnected every day. In industry, this creates new and complex challenges that can’t always be solved by conventional thinking. This realization gave me the insight on what kind of design engineer I wanted to become: someone who is able to bridge the necessary gaps between disciplines, that can help create one-of-a-kind solutions for every new problem, and someone that can motivate people to step out of rigid thinking patterns. The Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente is an excellent place to practice this: together with a motivated team of young engineers I can help companies with their technological challenges.

Tackling never-seen problems requires freedom, flexibility and a whole lot of common sense. Themes like Industry 4.0 are sometimes hard to grasp for customers, but at FPC we try to scale these themes down to very solvable challenges for companies, after which we demonstrate possible solutions with a no-nonsense attitude. This makes these abstract problems very tangible and real, and provides a clear development path for these companies. These processes are always executed with great technical expertise, which is the basis for all solutions. Finally, our newly gained knowledge and experience are made available for our network, stimulating innovation everywhere. This environment of open innovation makes FPC a great place to work