Maaike Slot

Maaike Slot, Program Manager

As a child I loved playing with Lego. I randomly picked pieces from my Lego-filled treasure chest and started to build things. This treasure chest formed the basis for my interest in trying things out, finding solutions to problems and building stuff.

I started at the University by doing my bachelor’s degree in creative technology. This was a perfect mix for me: learning how to design, prototype, use electronics and program. For each project we made it a sport to find everyday problems, solve them by using technology, and translating this complex technology into user friendly prototypes. I knew that a programming job was not for me, so I chose to do my master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, focusing more on the management of product development.

For my master thesis I did research on how digital twins are structure and how they can be implemented with the use of a generic model. As I like finding solutions, I believe that, with the usage of tools such as digital twins, industry 4.0 will become more accessible for everybody.

FPC offered me the chance to do further research as a PhD candidate on the topic of Digital Twining and its implementation and strategy during the digital transformation. At FPC, a PhD candidate is not only a researcher but a project manager and engineer as well. This allows me to not only do desk research but to use my skills in a more practical and user-oriented way. Designing, testing and prototyping building blocks, just like Lego.

I am proud to do what I love with the FPC team that contains a mixture of different cultures, professions, experiences and knowledge. Who are as eager as I am, to not only find out how Industry 4.0 can be optimally implemented into industry but are also eager to be a part of this digital revolution. Willing to make a difference by translating complex technology into products that are industry friendly.