Vasos Arnaoutis

Vasos Arnaoutis, Project Manager

Welcome! You are here to learn something for me, so let’s begin with my name; Vasos
Arnaoutis. Before moving in the Netherlands for my Master’s in System and Control at the
University of Delft, I graduated from University of Surrey in the UK with a Bachelor’s in
Mechanical Engineering. Now, here I am, working towards my PhD as part of the great team
of Fraunhofer Project Center at University of Twente.

My expertise and interest are in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A huge fan of
the new Deep Learning trend and amazed by the recent success. I believe that the potential
of high dimensional system analysis and modelling is the way to go for Artificial Intelligence
and I am glad to be given the opportunity to research it. As part of FPC, the goal is not just
to find the next state-of-the-art algorithm but to also implement it and deliver it to the

Automation is the direction that the society follows, and Industry shall be part of it. We are
here, to not only make sure it will happen but to guarantee that the Industry will lead this
technological era.

Personal thoughts: “Will an algorithm ever be able to extrapolate from trainable data?”